An unusual event occurred at the White House today when President Obama pardoned the wrong turkey. It is hard to determine if the constant flashing from cameras or possibly the strong midday glare contributed to the incident when Obama, looking into the teleprompter mistakenly took his reflection for that of the turkey, Courage who was waiting nearby, and accidentally pardoned himself. Obama initially tried to laugh it off citing diversity as the reason.  On cue Courage, whom the onlookers found to be very smart had made a list in advance of all of the Obama positive and negative accomplishments achieved during the fist 10 months of office. Needless to say, the positive ones were on the very short list. Among the issues cited by Courage were. 1.) Almost single-handedly destroying the economy of the US with the help of Rubin and Geithner. 2). Spending too much time on Health Reform for a people who have expressed their inclination to dislike it. 3) Trying to make the American people believe that warming was a real issue with the likes of AL(KNOW NOTHING) Gore and the group of scientists who had cooked what will be known as te GLOBAL WARMING CRIB BOOKS. The latter was recently exposed when hackers opened up this can of worms on the internet. 5) Apologizing to the world for everything except ORIGINAL SIN, but that might come next. 6) Thinking he, Obama, was just too important not to give Chicago get an Olympic site. 7). The daily LIES about how many jobs were saved and created. 8.)Acting like anything but Commander-in-Chief with regard to the making of timely decisions re:Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.9) Bowing to every potentate as that great political scientist, Martha Stewart advised “It’s a Good Thing!”……….When last observed COURAGE was still writing feverishly after filling 5 notebooks with negative accomplishments on the part of this president and his cronies.  MORE TO COME. HAPPY THANKSGIVING (I believe the name of that holiday has not been Obamidfied yet!)


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