Senator Mary Landrieu: Bribery, Prostitution Or Both?

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s acceptance from Reid and Obama of $100,000,000 for her state should be considered both a bribe and a prime example of what prostitutes do to earn money. It might be considered altruistic if she is doing this on her state’s behalf,  but considering Louisiana’s track record and former congressman  Jefferson (of the frigid $100,000) who hopefully is or will soon be languishing in jail, one would have to ask if there might be some additional personal gain for this woman. It is an absolute disgrace that someone whose constituents put into office would lower herself to a point to accept this money just for vote, considering that the majority of Americans are not accepting of the Health care Reform Bill, but after all, she is a politician and 102% of them are basically dishonest. It is time for Louisiana voters to turn this person out office. I also question the lack of response from the Republican governor who seems to have  a great deal to say about many other things.  If this health bill and cap and trade are voted into law, every single DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN WHO MIGHT VOTE IN THE AFFIRMATIVE MUST BE TURNED OUT TO PASTURE  in their next voting cycle.


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