Obama sat at a conference today in the White House and apparently believes, based upon what he said that he has stabilized the economy and created or saved jobs. The man is either delusional, is beginning to believe his own lies or has a problem separating reality from fantasy.  These daily flights of ideas make it more apparent that he is incapable of making any sense whatsoever and therefore is unable to lead this nation out of the depression/recession that he and his staff have contributed to. Based upon what we now know about Saul Alinsky and Obama’s attachment to his ideas and ideals, it becomes more apparent with each passing day that Obama will do anything to overload our economy with services to a point that the weight of its debt will bring America into bankruptcy.  Two of his Democratic cronies are now insisting upon yet an additional tax on people who earn more than $200,000 to subsidize the war in Afghanistan.  When will this hate of the wealthy stop? Hopefully in 2010 when a good part of these Liberal imbeciles are marched out of Washington and back in to their home states where they might have to earn a living like the rest of us.


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