In order to comprehend how our president dysfunctions in a world and country that every day rejects his proposals, America must understand that every choice he makes and any Change he suggests comes from the fact that he was, is and aways shall be a disciple of an alleged Communist Radical named Saul Alinsky. Alinsky was born in 1909, educated in Chicago, and through his interest in social  reform reportedly became intimate with the likes of at least two of that city’s worst gangsters, Capone and Niti. In his writings that Obama follows, Alinsky proposed the policies of gradual infiltration and confrontation in politics that characterized the 1960s, and developed the concept of community organizations whose purpose was to change the environment, organizing the so-called oppressed segment of the population to revolution, and systematically acquiring power and wealth by fomenting chaos in our economic system. He understood that the best way to do this was to bankrupt the economy of the United States by providing  an enormous number of social services that the economy could not stand up to, thus collapsing it in hopes of building a new system upon its ruins. (COMMUNISM)

Obama was  most likely born an African village in Kenya, shuttled to an  un proven birthplace of Hawaii, educated in Muslim schools in Indonesia and ultimately taken in by the Chicago political machine to be developed into this country’s first black and radical president. More than likely, he was granted the privilege of higher education by virtue of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. In truth, he has never released his grades, so we have no knowledge of how this man fared in schools or was he just passed on because of his minority status. It does not take much deep thought to understand that Obama approach to “fundamental CHANGe you can believe in”, is exactly what the Communist Radical Alinsky advocated. It would appear that Obama and his MARXIST CZARs ensconced in the WHITE HOUSE.

The real question is when will the Democratic/Liberal Congress see through all of this and come to the realization that the destruction of the AMERICAN ECONOMY by virtue of blindly accepting a Trillion Dollar plus Health Care Bill and a Job Losing Cap and Trade Bill of  is not worth the vote might re-elect them.  AMERICA it is time to re educate the fence-sitting quasi Liberal and Independent friends of yours so that WE can make a difference and halt the CHANGe we DO NOT WANT, because left alone it will serve to bring down ruin upon this country, exactly what Saul Alinsky proposed and whose teachings Obama follows to the letter.   I would suggest that you GOOGLE Saul Alinsky in order to find more information about this man.


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