Kathleen Sebelius seems to be at odds with a panel that she oversees as Secretary of Health and Human Services. The panel indiscriminately came up with a protocol that will no longer pay for breast screening, men and women below age 50, stating that in some cases the findings might cause stress in the individual undergoing the mammogram. There just might be significantly more stress on a patient dying from breast cancer who had not been diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion. An additional. recommendation suggests that it is no longer necessary for women to do frequent self breast examinations. This is rather odd since just six months ago the recommendation of both self examination and screening at age 40 was clearly imperative based upon the number of abnormal results found.  Initially, Sebelius stated that the panels decision carried no weight, but this is not true since it is their written  protocols based solely on costs that will determine the mammograms that will be allowed. Why wouldn’t she know this? Her next step was to blame members of the panel who had been carried over from the Bush administration. Have these Obama appointees no shame at all? These are medical decisions to be made between doctors and their patients and not by Washington/Obama appointed bureaucrats.

Exactly what made Sebelius the appropriate appointee to this position? She served in the Kansas legislature in 1974 and then ran for and won the position of Insurance Commissioner. To her credit she averted a possible monopoly with Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas when it attempted to take over an Indiana based company, but that essentially was it. Her position as governor of Kansas in no way prepared her to make medical decisions.  During a check of her background regarding her nomination by Obama to HHS, in an April 2009 Senate Finance Confirmation Committee, she admitted to “unintentional errors” in tax returns and had to pay $8000 in taxes. This seems to be a prerequisite for most Obama appointees. They do not pay taxes until found out. Let’s see we have Geithner,  who should be forced to resign from Treasury and Rangel, while not an appointee chairs a committee that deals taxes. He, too should be forced to resign.  Sebelius, a Roman Catholic, has been refused communion because of her stand on abortion. This is another area  she will have to deal with if the Senate passes a bill that provides tax dollars for abortions. How do you think she will deal with this?

The death panel has surfaced again, but not in so many words in the HR 3200 bill, but it has been quietly placed in the Stimulus Bill since that’s where the funding will come from. Rumor has it that the Senate Health Care Bill of 2075 or more pages is now available. That will be the next project to tackle and report on. Tonight Neil Cavuto is prepared to go over some of the finer points, most of which deal with heavy, heavy taxation that will directly affect all of us who pay our taxes. I suppose this might exclude the lower classes, indigent, street people and potential Obama appointees to government position.


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