OBAMA has had an admitted life long relationship/love affair with SEIU. He has stated so in many speeches so denial of its existence would be fool hardy. He owes the unions plenty particularly SEIU which probably has some good people but is sadly comprised of thugs to whom Obama has promised perks that will take care of huge pensions and contributions to health care. The union is made up of some 2,000,000 people. Why should the rest of us  300,000,000 foot the bill for things we will not be entitled to?  If you check the White House guest list, Andy Stern, head of SEIU has been there 22 times.  He has expressed many Marxist views in the past, so he fits right in with the rest of Obamas buddies. This is what Obama must pay them for  their “getting out the vote” (even dead people) to elect him.  Look at the people who at the last minute in the House vote that decided that the Health Care plan had suddenly become a good thing. A bunch of whores from varied states including Louisiana were promised money for varied reasons and these “representatives” (who the hell do they represent but themselves?) bought it.  This another word for BRIBERY, FRAUD, GRAFT,INTIMIDATION,THREAT.  In the past another term for this practice was EXTORTION, but now it might be politically correct to call it a meaningful request from the president. How different is this than when Al Capone sent his beer distributors into CHICAGO to bars that were made an offer they could not refuse and those that had the guts to do so found their guts spayed over what was left of their establishments. Obama’s Way is no different. Who is really running this country in Obama’s absence to the Far East? We know it is not the incompetent Joe Biden. America, it is more than likely Rahm Emanuel, a non elected individual of dubious character. WE AMERICANS must make it clear to him and his hired guns that WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM. CALL YOUR representatives and wish them bon voyage in the next elections.



  1. Rebecca Wilson says:

    Thanks so much!!!!! Lets take America back!!!

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