OBAMA: Movement of Guantanamo Terrorists To NY Not Politically Motivated??

The lies are coming so fast and furious, I have lost count of the absolute number but do have the content on hand. This new administration ploy of bringing the new ROCK STAR “K.S.M.” (he now has been abbreviated) and four other 9/11 terrorists to NY for trial will be potential a travesty of justice and an attempt to further discredit the Bush administration for the manner in which it waged the Iraqi War. Obama’s will do any thing to encourage voters that he and he alone knows what is best for the rest of us. In reality, the man is just an ignorant carpetbagger/community organizer whose right to be president has never been officially determined. These are terrorists AND WAR CRIMINALS, so like the Germans and Japanese forces this country fought in WWII, and will now enjoy the same rights and privileges of American citizens whom these Muslim Terrorists have vowed to annihilate. Their attorneys will look for every loop-hole our laws afford. Could these TERRORISTS possible be found not guilty on a technicality? The people in the TWIN TOWERS ,THE PENTAGON and THE PLAN DOWNED IN PA, were never asked if they were ready and willing to DIE! that Tuesday in 2001. Obama has an agenda geared to force obnoxious Liberal/Socialist ideals down the throats of the American people while attempting to make nice to Muslims whose religion he has never denied embracing. We are fighting a war against TERROR!!The combatants do not deserve to be Marandized on the battle field. That is just one of the most idiotic Liberal ideas that have been concocted by an irrational group of Radicals in our administration. How safe will it be to prosecute these TERRORISTS in NYC. We are giving the MUSLIM Extremists/TERRORISTS the stage they want and this circus has the potential to go on for years at great cost. Mayor Blomberg has expressed his acceptance of hav ing the trial in NY. Mr. Mayor, how much money can NY make from the pushcarts, the T-shirt hawkers and sellers of trivia in around the court-house so close to what most people consider hallowed ground.


7 Responses to OBAMA: Movement of Guantanamo Terrorists To NY Not Politically Motivated??

  1. Cynthia U says:

    This WH resident has done nothing yet that speaks to his “tremendous intelligence” as hyped by the media. He is a buffoon. Worse, he is destroying everything that was carefully built before he took office!

    Even an atheist friend told me I should double my prayers for our country!

  2. Heidi-CO says:

    This made me want to throw up when I heard it Friday.. They will rue the day they did this, this will be the death knell in Obama’s 2012 asperations..
    They want to put Bush/Cheney on trial and THAT is what they will be doing.
    Shame on them.

  3. Bob says:

    Can you imagine being asked to serve on that Jury?

    • How can any one find a non prejudiced jury? Is that what Holder etal are depending on? Change of venue? How about MARS? or perhaps leave the cast of TERRORISTS in Guantanamo.

    • So you do blog! Thanks for the comment. Any and all shall be most appreciated. Our only defense is in the numbers we can mount to put this administration where it belongs as a brief but sad footnote in American History. Don

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