Obama: Glad Your Not Here: Why Don’t You Stay?

In the 1960’s there was a successful Broadway Musical called “WISH YOU WERE HERE”. It was based upon a postcard sent from a family who spent time in the NY Catskills, to friends or relatives who remained at home in the City. This is more or less satire with a twist that sends the message to Obama that WE THE PEOPLE ARE GLAD HE IS THERE, in Asia, and would prefer that HE REMAINED WHERE HE CURRENTLY IS. Why not? Since he was raised, and schooled in Indonesia, a country all would agree still remains intact despite internal conflicts that have threatened its existence. Perhaps he can develop a quick fix for its economy, health care, greening and defense. Might be a better idea since it is smaller, probably more conducive to change and might be more in sync with a country with whom he can more efficiently and legally identify.

I write this based upon “what has he done for us lately?” Actually, he and his constituents have passed on a few more lies about our country’s growth. Let’s see. He has ignored the 10.2 unemployment numbers to tell us that fewer jobs have been lost. He has inflated job growth with no basis in fact in various States of the Union whose constituents have with facts disputed this. His total presentation from DAY 1 has been a lie and he has persisted in pursuing this tack in an attempt to convince his base that “everything is just wonderful” . Even Independents and Fence straddling Liberals are begrudgingly understanding what this man of CHANge is doing. He is hell-bent to destroy this country as a result of his birthright, his schooling, his family upbringing, his religious convictions via Jeremiah Wright and the signficant fact that despite his protests and denials that he was and is a Muslim.


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