The infamous, tyrannical House of Representatives, without reading the bill or even considering its broad ramifications have passed on a bill that covers about 1428 pages. It is currently in the Senate. Why? I do not know since none of them will read it, most likely. These legislators, with each passing day and each incredible vote,take away another of our freedoms. Why are we allowing this to happen. Could it be possible that one half of the American people choose to stay ignorant and do not care? Or do they believe as the European Jews in the early and late 1930’s “it will never happen to us. Obama would never do anything like that”.  What we need are conservative constitutional lawyers who might read and challenge this bill along with the Health Bill HR 3200, also passed by the nest of vipers in the House albeit by 5 votes.  The following are issues gleaned from the Cap and Trade Bill whose need is based upon lies, deceit, power grabs and the infamous BS perpetrated by AL, the Oscar Winner, Gore who has probably made more money from “global warming” than anyone else.  This bill will greatly impact upon home owners and create obstacles that shall prevent the ready selling of a home unless the owner complies with the energy standards imposed by this bill. If the Senate agrees and votes in the affirmative our taxes will increase to a family of four by $6800 each year and once again the middle class will have to foot the bill, pay more taxes, and bail out the indolent, lower class who remain content with the position in which Obama and the Liberals wish to keep them.  All types of residence will be impacted upon. and no house will be sold unless permitted by the EPA administrator who is a SOCIALIST.  If you apply to sell your home(Constitutional?) you must have, at your expense a government inspector tell you whether or not your home meets the standards for energy and water efficiency under the provisions in the bill.  If not you will be forced to make all of the modifications required at your expense and have the inspector return, again at your expense to see if you have complied. At that time you will get a license posted on your property showing your efficiency rating. If your rating is deemed not high enough for government, you will not be permitted to sell. The bill also provides that the standards may be raised every year with automatic increase and you MAY NEVER BE ABLE TO SELL YOUR HOME. The EPA administrator (traitor?) appointed by OBAMA will run Cap and Trade and has a carte blanche to raise standards as he or she in this case sees fit.

One year after enactment, you will not be permitted to sell your home unless you’ve met all requirements by retrofitting and complying with all standards of the Act. Again, each year, you better  believe that the standards will be raised. From the goodness? of their heart, government will provide in certain circumstances, grants of several thousand dollars to help with compliance to the Act, but you mist meet certain energy efficiency levels to receive such monies. Additional requirements: your income level cannot exceed more than $50 K per year and the sale price of your home cannot exceed $125K. Clearly the majority of the Middle Class will receive no money and all financial burden will again be on them. Obama what was it you said or lied about regarding no further taxing of the middle class?

In section 204, the Building Energy Performance Labelling Program sets labeling for each residence to identify “achieved energy performance and achievement” for  at least 90% of the residential market within 5 years after enactment date of this Act. The EPA will be provided from our tax money $50M per year to enforce the labelling program.  Sort of reminds me of Stars of David required to be worn by the European population of Jews prior to Hitlers attempt at total extinction of them.  Additional moneys will be allotted to assist the so-called Secretary to increase the standards each year. The label WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE POSTED in a conspicuous location on your residence and the residence cannot be sold without a label.  LOOKS LIKE A REPORT CARD FROM GRADE SCHOOL TO ME. Who the hell do these Congress people think they are to take away our freedoms? How about this idea. Let’s stop paying Federal taxes and THROW THESE BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE. How many people can they put in to jail? It will be packed with those not buying health insurance. Another Nazification of the UNITED STATES! As you are required to periodically have stickers or labels for your auto, you will be required to get a new house label every so often at a rate of $200 additional TAX per year.  A program of taxing in CA for auto smog was begun at a rate of $15 per year and now it has risen to $50 per year for inspection and label.

The State and local district in which you reside is called into play in Section 304 Greater energy Efficiency in Building Codes where new guidelines are established for the National Building Code mandating that one year after enactment, state and local jurisdictions must adopt the National Building Code energy efficiency provisions to receive a certificate from the Federal government that all state and local codes have been brought into full compliance. UNCONSTITUTIONAL.



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