There are people debating whether this terrible loss of life was due to tragedy or terrorist activity, and I maintain that both apply. However the tragic part has nothing to do with the alleged gunman being a victim, but it certainly appears that he had strong ties with terrorism and preached an ungodly philosophy that he attributed to the Koran.  It  was a tragedy that he had been afforded by virtue of our tax dollars a medical education and a safe haven in which to work. Sadly, those whom he murdered were entitled to that same safe haven here in the country for which they served and gave their final devotion. The President finally showed up and gave a solid and emotional speech at their memorial service.  The man arrested for the crime has been afforded legal counsel as part of the system of jurisprudence we have in our country, and one he is entitled to despite his disdain for the laws and freedoms under which he has lived. The former army colonel who has been assigned as his council must undertake his defense in a manner that satisfies the laws of our country. It is critical to find out if the man now held for these murders acted alone.  Furthermore, an investigation must determine how this individual, apparently on the FBI radar was able to finalize his plans, in such a manner.


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