The Democrats in the House are hyping the passage of HR3200 as a major bipartisan coup. Since the final vote including one renegade Republican from Louisiana was 219 to 215, it cannot be considered a mandate from Congress nor acceptance from all of the angry Americans who protested by virtue of tea parties, town hall meetings and Washington marches, not to forget all of the emails, letters and phone calls in opposition. Sadly, people like Pelosi who is an egocentric, non-caring politician who forced her will on Members of Congress whether under threat of cutting off funds or support in their attempt at re-election. The Senate will now deliberate on its own bill. Let us not lose sight of the fact that Mr. Reid who went home to Nevada this summer held or visited not one town hall meeting, clearly aware of what he would hear. Fortunately, Nevadans are fed up with this poor example of a human being and a woman who plans to run against him, already is ahead by at least ten points.

How do these bills get written and who really reads them? A group of assistants sit down and write these bills, boil them down, and offer only what they deem significant bullets or talking points so the Congress person can have information with which he might debate. This writing committee also comes under the influence of powerful lobbyists (Remember Mr. Obama? No lobbyists in your administration) who might offer money or future positions in their firms to some of the young people doing the actual writing to influence portions of the bill. So, in reality, we have hired guns writing the bills that will impact on the American people, that are never read by the Congress that will vote on them. For this alone, Congress should be fired immediately whether this has been standard practice or not. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE. I probably have read 99% more of the bill than any member of Congress has. Therefore I should be the one to vote and I vote NO!.

The good news is that we may not have yet fallen into the medical abyss. One  fair weather Republican Lindsay Graham states that the House Bill will be dead on arrival when it reaches the Senate. They will write their own version that Harry Reid insists contains the Public Option. Will it also contain a provision to pay for Abortion as well?  So Mr. Obama don’t get too excited with your new present. It may go no where which is the direction you are headed. Don’t have your flunkies spin this vote as a mandate. It was not.

While we are considering spin, Obama, we are now over 10% unemployment. That is not a good thing. If you consider that there are fewer on the unemployment roll this month than last as a good thing you are a fool. There are 16 Million people out of work. There might be, in reality only 12Million without health care and do what they normally do, go to emergency rooms for medical needs. Priorities would dictate that more jobs could also reduce the number without health care. Bank monies given as bailout/stimulus should also be provided to small businesses.

The Cap and Trade Bill is now out of Committee. I encourage you to find it on the internet under Library of Congress/Thomas and read it and call your Senators asking them to vote against it. It is horrific. Also, call your Senators and tell them not to vote for a Health Bill that contains any of the language in the current bill and to accept advice and consent of the Republican members of the Senate when drafting the bill. And while they are at it tell them to write and read the bill themselves and not hand it over to low-level flunkies to do the job WE THE PEOPLE ARE PAYING THEM to do by virtue of salary, health care, pensions and most all of the perks they are not and never have been entitled to. Even in the State of NJ where the two albatrosses voted to the Senate reside, call, email and write your dissatisfaction with their performance and suggest strongly that they will have the distinct opportunity to follow soon to be ex Governor Corzine.


  1. Rebecca Wilson says:

    Thanks!!! Lets take America back!!!!!

  2. neeliBita says:

    Stunning, I didn’t know about that until now. Thankz.

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