IS OBAMAMANIA OVER? New Jersey and Virginia Have Spoken

No matter how the White House will try to spin the two major losses in New Jersey and Virginia, the vote will stand as a mandate against Obama and his failed ideas.  The people of America do not want the type of Health Care Reform and detest the manner in which it is being forced down our throats by the likes of such deceitful individuals as Pelosi and Reid. Instead, it will play up a 4% win in a district far up on the Canadian border that most people would not be caught dead in in winter as a major coup. Corzine, deservedly lost despite five visits by Obama to ensure his election by virtue of the latter’s so-called “electric” personality. Well that has burned out and hopefully for good. Now we can get the true measure of Obama if everyone has not yet seen through this man.  There is just nothing there. As he threw his mother and grandmother “under the bus” as many have said, he did the same for the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia.  This is a message for all Independent and some Democratic Conservatives who should take this message to the bank. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN OR THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM.  It is time for HIM to lose that “s….eating grin and realize the American people for the most part now know exactly who he is. He is a narcissistic, egomaniac, whose credentials and ability to govern are and will always remain suspect.  The message to the Congress is now LOUD and CLEAR. Do not trample on the American people or you will pay the price of early retirement in 2010. Do not try to rush Cap and Trade or Health Care Reform as it now stands, or any other of the Liberal partisan obnoxious bills to a vote. It just will not work any more. The American people are concerned that Obama will further destroy the very fragile economy and the American way of life by virtue of his mania to drive this country into Socialism. This alone cannot be allowed to succeed.


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