From the beginning, it was clear that Al Gore’s movie and the propaganda presented was to not only win this individual an Oscar, a Nobel Peace Prize(anyone can win one of these apparently) but to allow him to fly his huge carbon footprint laying jet plane hither and yon and to his 20,000 square foot home to advertise the “terrible ills” that he perceives result from an excessive amount of carbon dioxide delivered to the atmosphere.This entire concept of global warming has been proven a fallacy by the best scientists not in the pay of the administration or possibly Mr. Gore who it has been reported stands to profit significantly financially by the passage of this Cap and Trade bill, since the earth has many times gone through such changes without the help of Mr. Gore, his jets and the many SUVs that people like to drive. Carbon dioxide is emitted with every expiration from human and animal lungs. In turn the plant life utilizes the carbon dioxide via photosynthesis  to produce food. Al Gore does not seem to lack for that, so what is it he and his followers do not comprehend. Perhaps, it is all the methane gas, he and his people are expelling from another orifice that is testing our atmosphere.  The Cap and Trade bill will force more manufacturing out of this country and our own entrepreneurs and the American way will fail.  I have taken the time to begin to plod through HR 2454 another number/name for Cap and Trade.

The first thing of significance is Section 3 devoted to International Participation. The entire premise if it were at all true must rely upon the major uses of fuel and potential “air polluters” to all sign on to restricting emissions. Section 3 is devoted to the following: The administrator shall prepare and certify a report to Congress regarding whether China or India have adopted greenhouse gas emissions standards as strict as those required under this Act. If not they shall be reported to Congress and the media. What a punishment is being inflicted!! Our media will spank them in the eyes of the world, in which these two countries will care less.  None of this can occur without yet another bureaucracy being formed with Boards of Directors to write bylaws and conduct business. Part of its business to conduct will be the granting of grants/more money/pork to gather data and grant yet more money.  It has been determined that assessments shall be collected by this newly formed corporation in all calendar years following the passage of this bill on the distribution utilities for all fossil fuels based electricity delivered directly to retail customers. This assessment shall reflect the relative CO2 emission rates of different fossil fuels. Fuel based electricity assessments shall not be less than the following amounts for coal ($0,00043 per kilowatt hr), natural gas ($0.00022 per kilowatt hr.) and oil ($0.00032 per kilowatt hr.) Of course all of these TAXES shall be passed on to the consumer. If a consumer uses multiple types of fuel, an average will be taken and most likely not to his advantage.

Section 786: Deals with the Commercial Deployment of Carbon Capture and Sequestration technologies:(AGAIN THE ENTIRE BILL IS STRUCTURED ON A FALSE PREMISE OF GLOBAL WARMING). For an owner/operator of a project/facility to be eligible to receive an emission allowance (CARBON CREDIT) the facility must fulfil certain emission criteria. There must be a capacity of 200 megawatts or more derived from at least 50% of its annual fuel input from coal, pertoleum coke or a combination of the two. Upon implementation of capture, the facility must show a 50%  emission reduction of CO2. Bonus allowances of $90 per ton will be awarded a facility that captures and sequesters 85% or more of CO2 that would have been emitted. I hope everyone is clear so far. I would like to watch all of the BOOKS COOKED ON THIS PROJECT, and all because of someone’s brilliant idea how to make money while disadvantaging the majority of American citizens who will never understand yet alone read the bill (including the Congress) and comprehend the nature and significance of every word written in this attempt to justify another LIE. More ahead as I read   and attempt to decipher what other losses of LIBERTY are in store for the American people.


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