HR3200 Section 1233 Advanced Care Planning Consultation

This section describes an initiative for advance care planning, not unlike what is currently in practice where an individual may indicate in writing by virtue of a paper called an advanced directive or living will specifics of care desired by an individual who may or may not  have a terminal illness. Additionally, the individual may designate someone to act in his or her behalf with power of attorney.  The initiatives are being designated as consultations with physicians that must be done every five years.  The section also refers to “end of life services” without being specific.   The issue becomes problematic when these end of life services might be directed by an individual named as The Secretary (Health and Human Services?)  It would seem from the verbage, that information collected and given to government will have an effect upon the ultimate end of life care by virtue of planning that will been adopted and endorsed by a “consensus based organization”. One must assume that the latter is government determined since it foots the bill . The language is purposely vague and,   I believe, with room to maneuver. So, does this possibly imply the presence of the “death panel”?  It remains to be seen.


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