Obama’s Guest List: Laundry Day At The White House

The White House yesterday released what it calls a partial guest list of those individuals “invited” and attending functions whose nature and purpose has not been disclosed. Among the names on the list and the frequency with which they attended, were Sharpton, Jackson and,from the more radical political scene, a number of Hollywood types such as Brad Pitt, and George Clooney. I did not see Michael Moore’s name on the list but included were names such as William Ayers, Michael Jordan and Jeremiah Wright. The White House made a point that these three were not necessarily the three names, most normal people would assume were whom they appeared to be??????????? What a coincidence to have a name like William Ayers on the list since this is someone Obama rarely met with and knew. LAUNDRY DAY? Generally, as one scans the list, most of the names are those of Radicals and Radical Liberals and Democratic Party contributors. Since WE THE PEOPLE really own this once white house and foot the bill for its upkeep, it would seem reasonable for the current short lease tenant to invite WE THE PEOPLE who do no necessarily measure up to the afore-mentioned characterization of those on the guest list. So, Mr. Obama I ask you to invite as many NORMAL, TAX PAYING people to OUR house before you vacate office in 2012 and no longer enjoy privilege to do so.

Since I began the post this morning, it has been revealed that both Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers have been guests at the White House more than once. Waiting for the NEXT LIE FROM OBAMA and his cronies. The PEOPLE’s HOUSE will certainly need fumigation come January 20 2012.

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