Alan Grayson Time For Floridians To Send Him Packing

It is clear from past and more recent statements that this congressman Grayson should not be returned to office in the next elective process. He has evidenced bizarre behavior on the floor of the House as well as in its public corridors. The people from Orlando, who have put this terrible person in office, should consider if they are really clear thinking, fair-minded people or just Democratic Liberal clones who will vote for anything that looks and smells like a Donkey, the democratic symbol, for those who may  know This base individual had previously compared the Republican legitimate objection to health care as a means of “killing people” and compared it to the Holocaust. More recently he called a female dissenter a “whore”. He remains condemned whether he apologized or not since the point he chose to make was made. All females should reject this character who might best get a job now in nearby Goofyland. It would seem that anyone who disagrees  with any democratic program is not entitled  to legitimate debate but rather pure ridicule.  Time ORLANDO to send this DONKEY back to pasture.


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