In the course of centuries, years and days, this country has seen many natural disasters. Because of our make up WE THE PEOPLE have been able to rebound and rebuild from Hurricanes, Firestorms, Tornados, Mud slides and Earthquakes by virtue of putting all of our energy, and ability and  resources into action  without the need for COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS whose entire purpose is to divert needed moneys from the disaster into their own pockets.  Hurricane Katrina is a prime example of this type of behavior.  Obama continues to meet and discuss our military action in Afghanistan without any plan forthcoming. This is typical of an individual who has no sense of pride in this country, no sense of leadership and with ulterior motives to drive this country toward Socialism at a more rapid pace, now that he sees the handwriting on the wall.  Yesterday fourteen more Americans died in Obama’ WAR. It is not clear at this time if such a tragedy could have been averted, but  the  american president is flying down to Florida  for more discussions and to meet the troops stationed at the naval base where John McCain was sent after his release from captivity. More than likely, there will be time for a fund raiser. McCain was interviewed on Face The Nation yesterday and was asked how he felt about Vice President Cheney’s remarks concerning Obama’s indecision on  the war. McCain could not even get himself to even partially agree with Mr. Cheney’s strong position. In fact, he responded with non-answers despite being continually and justifiably pressed by the host. Obama won the presidency for a number of reasons,. but certainly McCain’s inability to show the Republicans and undecided America, that he could be a strong leader, contributed to why people doubted him.  He is not even a strong Senator and perhaps his state should look beyond him when his term of office is over. With regard to Obama’s  “inability” to decide on additional troop deployment, it has been suggested that he and his Czars have concerns about what effect taking a strong positive position might have on the two gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey next month where the Republican candidates seem to have an edge. It would be an absolute disgrace if the White House is using our fighting men and woman as pawns in partisan politics. IS THIS A POSSIBILITY. SADLY IT IS, because of the people who occupy what used to be a HOUSE OF HONOR.


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