Obama won’t waste a crisis: THE H1N1 EMERGENCY? REAL OR OPPORTUNE?

Obama and Emanuel will not waste a crisis, real or created. The amount of H1N1 vaccine we were told would be produced never measured up to reality, like anything else that spews from the man that currently occupies the oval office. In all probability, with the vaccine being manufactured the “old fashioned way” will not be available in suffiicient quantity prior to the end of the year. It would seem that this action by Obama was initiated to deflect from all of his inadequacies regarding his handling of the war, the economy, health care reform, the take over of the automotive industry, the offer the banks could not refuse (Capone would love it),his Czars, energy, cap and trade, global unwarming, and old and new stimulus packages. He claims he created thousands of jobs with the former but that was just another of his lies. With regard to a new costly, unwarranted stimulus that must not be passed, it includes some $50 Billion earmarked to the latest propaganda machine , the NEA. More and more money is earmarked for his pet community projects, and it will just be a matter of time that most of the money will have been stolen. An example of this is the $8000 incentive for first time home owners, whether they could afford a mortgage or not. Apparently, large sums of this money went to illegal aliens and children under 18yrs, including a four year old. It has been rumored that people curently working for the IRS also dipped their hands into the pot. Another disgrace by a poorly run administration with NO OVERSIGHT regarding how moneys are distributed. IT IS TIME AMERICA TO DENY CONGRESS THE RIGHT TO DISTRIBUTE OUR TAX DOLLARS WITHOUT OVERSIGHT……OUR OVERSIGHT!!!!!!


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