The need to attack Fox News at Robert Gibbs’ press conferences have become an absolute disgrace to a point where his adherence to a party line that is too often vague will make this country a laughing stock to everyone in the world who has the misfortune to tune in on them. Yesterday, he was unable to come up with an answer to a question from an ABC reporter who had the guts to ask why the White House found it necessary to attack and isolate Fox News. Gibbs response, if can be concluded to be a response was something short of gibberish. The reporter, again tried to question Gibbs with a simplified version of is question, and Gibb’s response was, “that is our opinion.”  When this press secretary stands at the podium he represents the opinion of Mr. Obama and his administration. What the world must understand, and I am not certain it does, is that he in no way represents the opinions of the rest of the people of the United States who daily give this president a lower confidence rating for a job poorly done. So, why does the White House feel the need to attack Fox News?  This President and his cronies fully understand that as the truth comes out, they will be rejected by the thinking American public because of all of the poorly thought out policies concerning health care reform, cap and trade, all of the non-stimulus packages, the Afghan war, and the Communists, Socialists denizens in the White House, just to name a few.  They are afraid of Fox News since it is “FAIR and BALANCED”  and they tell the TRUTH, something that cannot be said for the goose stepping flunkies who call themselves journalists from the biased media.  There are commentators who “tell it as they see lt”, on Fox, but that is their right under the First Amendment of our constitution, a document that this administration seemingly would like to render void whenever opposition or criticism to its policies arises. Mr. Gibbs is just going to have to be fairer, more honest and forthcoming with regard to his responses at the press conferences and more reporters will have to  ask the hard questions they really want answered so the American public will have yet a better understanding exactly where Obama wishes to take this country. From his current actions, we a pretty good idea. Dana Perino, former press secretary for President Bush and  a contributor to Fox news, certainly comes across as more knowledgeable and certainly much more attractive than the current, dispirited press secretary we are forced to watch albeit much too frequently considering the information he imparts.

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