Obama Wants to Control Your Lives America

Obama thinks his destiny is to control every segment of our lives, America.  Could it be that he also plans to be crowned King Barry I at some time in the near future?

He has already taken over Chrysler and General Motors, and given the Unions a big chunk of the latter’s stock in repayment for votes needed to elect him.  He has a Car Czar, Ron Bloom, who also is a Union man. Watch out for directives that will not allow the purchase of SUVs made by Honda and Toyota, since they are non union.

Senators Rockefeller introduced a bill to establish an office of National Cybersecurity, and Olympia Snow in her lack of understanding of its intent coauthored  the bill. This instantly gave the executive branch with Obama and all of his czars, some of whom are communists and socialists and radicals vast power to monitor and control internet traffic under the subterfuge of protecting it against threats to the “critical” cyber infrastructure. This so called Cybersecurity Act of 2009 gives Obama and his cohorts the ability to declare a cybersecurity emergency and shut down or limit internet access in the “interest of national security”.  The problem is that there has been no definition regarding what might constitute critical information or cybersecurity.  Under this bill, it would be up to the discretion of the President. Why would any one believe that Obama would not usurp power in its use.  This only adds to the power that Obama wants and demands and grants the Secretary of Commerce access to all relevant data concerning networks without regard to any provision of the law, its regulation or policy restricting such access.  All privacy laws will be done away with such as the Electronic Communication Privacy Act that now will be undermined. To date it requires law enforcement to obtain a warrant before tapping into data transmitted between computers. Giving this new power to Obama is contrary to what the Constitution provides, but Obama and his cronies seem to have little or no respect for the Constitution and its laws that guarantees our freedoms.

Yesterday morning on Don Imus’ radio program which is now also televised on the Fox Business Cable channel,  a prominent Cable personality from another station reneged on a guest appearance without apparent explanation. In the past he has had, as guests,  many prominent people from the print and televised media. Will they be allowed to return as guests? In it attempt to isolate and defame the Fox Cable network, are the restrictive tentacles of the White House reaching out to control the “other media” even further?   Obama’s propaganda minister explained how the media was manipulated during the Obama campaign for President by keeping the message, what ever it was, controlled. When will that “alternative” media wise up and start producing news worthy of being called journalism?

The so-called Fairness Doctrine that would be overseen by another self proclaimed Communist Csar of Diversity would make it impossible for radio stations to present any rebuttal to administration policy. Look for that next on the horizon and raise your voices loud and clear against it.

Will control of the libraries and  school text books be far behind? I refer you back to my comparison of Weimar and Obama’s America.


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