Rahm Emmanuel, what ever his actual role in making government policy for this country today suggested that Obama cannot make any decision regarding an increase in troops to Afghanistan despite his General’s request until the Afghan election of two months ago has been decided. This is another example of people speaking for the President(Is He) and you and me regarding how the war against terror, Yes it is a war against terror but it is Obama’s war despite his willingness to admit to it. He is still placing blame on George Bush. When will this President start to accept blame for his own ineptitude? I would suggest that if there is another significant loss of American lives as was the case with the Cole or in Lebanon it will put to an end any suggestion that this inadequate, poorly prepared joke of a President would even consider another term. His performance regarding the economy, addressing fraud in government and health care just to name a few should make every clear thinking American think otherwise. WE THE THINKING PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES WOULD LAUGH AT THE PROSPECT. Emmanuel speaks for the President because the President cannot speak for himself.  Perhaps he was dining in NY or taking in a show or having a pizza chef flown in from St. Louis or entertaining  an assortment of Socialist and Communists in the White House where the guest list has been conveniently hidden from the public. To even suggest that we have to wait until the Afghan election shakes out is ludicrous and evidence of a major stall in policy because the idiots we rely on to protect us have not a clue how to do so. The Afghan people could care less who is president, whether it be Karzai or Abdul Abdul. They understand that the elections were rigged, and most of the brave people who voted, since they could not read or write were capable of only punching a picture to indicate their choice. There will be some kind of acceptable compromise where Karzai will remain in power and Abdul Abdul will have some representation in government, but it will not change how OUR COUNTRY MUST REACT.  Why is Emmanuel speaking for the President. He is only the chief of staff or does he have a role that America is not aware of? Perhaps Obama is unable to speak out for himself. Not only will it be a pleasure to say good by to Obama in 2012 but the American people will also be happy to say Sholom and Ciao to Emmanuel and his brother Ezekial along with the rest of the so called CZARS. Perhaps it might be time to stop payment on their checks as well. Next we must look at our position with regard to Pakistan, our fair weather friend that is willing to accept our $7.5 billion in exchange for what?



  1. klinemili99 says:

    I wish you could get people like Mark Levin, Hannity, O’Rielly, etc. to look at yoyur blog…..I’m sure that they blog (or at least their research staff with many different sources…..perhaps you should address it to the researchers. I read them all and they are right on target…..when is America going to wake up? I did send the address to Merrill.
    YOU Know who!

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