There are a number of reasons to make comparisons between the Germany’s Weimar Republic and Obama’s America, but I shall consider those that are primarily economic.  A bit of history, at first is in order.  The Weimar Republic, so named after the area in which an assembly met in 1919 after the end of World War I, for the purpose of adopting a new constitution.  Unfortunately the new German Republic was plagued by hyperinflation, (a dangerous path we seem to be approaching 110 years later), and political extremism, (mostly by the liberal ultra left with their own form of paramilitaries ergo SEIU and ACORN).  All of this led to the rise of a once small political party, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NAZIS) led by a newcomer who has great oratory skills, b y the name of Adoph Hitler. Using the economic collapse of Germany after the war, since it owed billions in reparation Marks, Hitler was able to convince the starving  country that the solution to the problem,s would be the development of National Socialism. In 1933 he was able to use so called “legal” measures to legislate contrary to the 1919 constitution that now became irrelevant. Von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor in 1933, who rapidly developed Germany into a totalitarian regime, blaming the failure of democracy as to one of the many causes of Germany’s economic demise. Looking for a scapegoat, Hitler had the Reichstag burned, and blaming  communists, had them imprisoned. Free,  now,  of their presence in government, Hitler held a new election in March of 1933 and the Nazis became the dominant party. The Enabling Act now granted Hitler enormous power, making significant changes to the constitution, and all other political parties were banned. This new German government now took over most state and local legislative powers, and the Nazis were  the German state. Consequently, certain books were banned, and he public airways and news media was under the control of the propaganda ministry. I have not gone into any specific detail regarding Aryan cleansing which sadly became a major thrust of this butcherous group of German leaders, because I draw no present or potential comparison at the moment with the Obama government. However, there seems to be a plan afoot to create issues for Conservative radio stations and talk radio using some nebulous idea of diversification. Now as Hitler had his non elected officials making policy in Nazi Germany, it does not take much effort to draw a comparison between them and Obama’s czars with respect to manner in which they achieved their current positions.

The entire scenario, having been well thought by early 1926 , led to the development of the National Socialistic German Students League, knowing that the youth of Germany would play a major role, once Nazified. The manner in which the children were taught in schools at the lowest levels was now under control of the Nazis and a daily exercise of saluting Der Fuehrer before and after class became required. ( I have many concerns regarding the indoctrination of some of our children with regard to teaching them songs of praise and politics to Obama.  In this regard those schools overstepped the bounds of decency and every principle and teacher should be removed from their jobs and have their pensions and perks placed under consideration to be voided.

In addition to the Student League, several other paramilitary groups existed to support Nazi aims, and  they were required to become members of the regular Nazi party initially and then permitted to join the paramilitary group of their choice. The Hitler Youth was a paramilitary group divided into adult leadership and membership open to boys of the ages 14 to 18 years. They were required to participate in military training with weapons, participate in assault course where cruelty of the older toward the younger boys was acceptable. They wore brown uniforms with insignia similar to the SA and organized into cells that had weekly indoctrination required. By 1933 membership was required even if opposed to by parents.

Hitler appointed Joseph Goebbels his propaganda minister. I will present direct quotes from an essay of his written in 1928. See if anything seems vaguely familiar.

“We are an anti-parliamentarian group(Nazis) that for good reason rejects Weimar Constitution and its republican institutions.”

“If we succeed in getting sixty or seventy of our party’s agitators and organizers elected to various parliaments, the state will pay for our fighting organization.” (ACORN?)

“When democracy is near its end it will resort openly to the terror capitalistic dictatorship that it ordinarily uses covertly. But that will not happen for some time, and in the meanwhile the fighters for our faith will enjoy parliamentary immunity long enough to broaden our fighting front such that shutting them up will not be as easy as democracy would like it to be.” (Harry Reid and his secret behind closed door sessions).

“We are in the majority. We do not beg for votes. We demand conviction, devotion , passion! A vote is only a tool for us as well as for you. We are coming neither as friends or neutrals. We come as enemies. As the wolf attacks the sheep, so come we. You are not among friends any longer. You will not enjoy having us around you.”

Goebbels had a number of things to say about running a proper dictatorship.

“Dictatorships must be able to survive on their own spiritual reserves. It will not work if what is good in their ideas comes from their opponents, and what does not come from their opponents is bad.  The ability to speak is no shame. It is shameful only when actions do not follow words. To speak well is good. To ac t bravely is even better. The typical reactionary can neither speak nor act. He has somehow gained power but has no idea what to do with it.” (Could this be a description of Obama?) “Dictatorships h hide behind the law to give themselves an appearance of legality even if their actions disagree are short lived. They will collapse of their own incompetence leaving behind chaos and conflict.”

It is timely to look at issues in medicine in Germany during the period 1918 to 1945 where an exhibition, “The Value of The Human Being” which had been brought from Berlin and curated by Christian Pross and Gotz Aly. Read the following carefully and determine if any of it might sound familiar with regard to statements by Obama Health Czars. By the time of the Weimar, German doctors had become accustomed to cooperating with the government in the provision of medial care. The reforms of the Weimar Republic following the medica; crises of World War I included government policies to provide health are services to all citizens. Socially minded doctors placed great hope in new health care system, calling for a single state agency. But the physician began to be transformed into a functionary of state initiated laws and politics and doctors saw themselves more responsible for the public health than for the individual health of the patient. It was one thing to be employed by a patient and another to be employed by the government. The creativity, energy and fundamental reforms found in social medicine during the Weimar Republic seem in retrospect a short and deceptive allusion. The doctor’s role had changed from that of advocate, adviser and partner of the patient to a partner of the state. Where traditional individual ethics and Christian charity had once stood, the reformers posited a collective ethic for the benefit of the general population. Private charity and welfare were nationalized and the mentally ill who had been returned to society were now returned to state institutions to become the ultimate victims of state “solutions”.

The world economic crisis of 1929 led to reduced welfare state expenditures and supplements for housing had to be reduced along with nutrition, support payments, recreation and rehabilitation, and maternal and child health needs. What remained of the humanistic goals of reform were the state mechanisms for inspection and regulation of public health and medical practice. Economic efficiency became the main concern and health care became primarily a question of cost-benefit analysis. (Where have you recently heard this?)  Under the socialistic policies of the period, this analysis was necessarily applied to the selection of strong persons, deemed worthy of support and the elimination of the weak and “unproductive”. (It would seem that this falls in line with principles outlined by Ezekiel Emmanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel, chief of staff of the White House.) So the scientific underpinning of cost benefit analysis to political medical care was now provided by the new fields of genetics and euthanasia.  While the later became extremely important in defining the  and ultimate goals the National Socialists or Nazis, it would not seem pertinent to the discussion other defining how the ill and elderly might be treated, mistreated or not at all treated given the Obama position on National Health Reform with or without the inclusion of a Public Option.  This type of medical  care although not as costly as what Obama proposes did not work in Nazi Germany or the Weimar Republic, but the degree to which the Nazis attempted to carry on the cleansing of its culture remains the most despicable treatment of human beings recorded in history.  Government control of health care is still fraught with all of the dangers as noted and has never been a solution to any country’s medical needs. DO NOT ALLOW THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS WITH THEIR OWN SPECIAL DICTATORSHIP TO PASS A BILL THAT COULD IMPACT DETRIMENTALLY ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR MANY YEARS TO COME.  Its application would be DANGEROUS and its cost PROHIBITIVE.

While I realize that the above might be difficult to digest, the issues are real. Please read it again if you would.  Obama is pushing this country so close to the abyss. It is up to clear thinking people to understand his intent that will prevent it from happening. He has no interest in America or what it has stood for since he cannot relate to any of the principles that has made this country great. His action or inaction speaks for itself at every level.


4 Responses to WEIMAR REPUBLIC: OBAMAS America: Connected?

  1. Foxwood says:

    We’ve gotten where we are because we’ve been sleeping while the teachers indoctrinate. Socialists and Communists have infiltrated our schools. Explain to me why children know more about Che and Mao than the founding fathers?


  2. I have responded to your comment and hope that you continue to read my blogs. Responsibility must lay with the parents of the children to find out exactly what the children are being taught. Only then can they become proactive and demonstrate any intolerance to teaching Socialism and Communism rather teaching about it from purely a historical point of view. As far as the children being aware of the founding fathers: while it is a part of our history, I believe the values that helped this country grow should be underlined, and these are some of the topics that I would prefer teacher assign children for essays. I plan to research what children are being taught through my grandchildren for starters.

  3. Savannah says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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