Those who voted for Obama have many questions to answer. Was their choice based upon experience? Clearly not. Was their response based upon anything of substance? Clearly not. So we have to evaluate and dissect the reasons why this man was elected. For the many who voted for him, their explanation over and over again would be change, but did any one of them have any idea what he meant by that? Clearly not. He is someone who literally fell into it. The time was right for some change, unfortunately this novice without any leadership experience somehow became “leader of the free world” to the concern of the free world. He was personable and young with a young Kennedyesque family but he was not and never would be JFK. Both he and his wife had baggage that was readily excused by the media and the DNC. Obama had spent years in a church listening to a radical preacher who never changed his rhetoric, and accepted friendships with Terrorists, communists and socialists with whom he still remains exceptionally and socially friendly and with whom he has chosen to surround himself in an advisory capacity. This pattern has persisted so we Americans must challenge this president’s choices every moment of every day which is a right of a free people regardless of how this president’s and his party would like to restrict this privilege guaranteed by our Constitution. It is problematical that Obama wishes also to restrict these guarantees and will attempt to do so by virtue of his Supreme Court appointees. Should the American people trust this president. I would suggest not….Is it Racist to suggest that the majority of black people voted for Obama because he was black? I think not, because it is clear that this was the case. I do not fault Afro-American in taking pride in the fact that a man of color could now run for President, but I do fault them for voting for this particular man who appeared to be articulate with the help of teleprompters. The second group consisted of young, white Americans in college who reacted to the word or promise of CHANGE. The majority of these young people spend more time on Facebook rather than keep up with the politics of the day. To date, most of the 20 to 30-year-old age group have chosen not to become involved in what was going on in our world and Liberal Democrats would like to keep them ignorant. The next group of Obama supporters were the senior citizens who had not a clue having been sold a bill of goods that Obama and HIS KIND OF CHANGE would protect and improve the delivery of health care. The Jewish population was in some way deluded that Obama would assure the survival of Israel despite continued attacks by Hamas and the rest of its enemies in the Middle East. Obama during his UN speech has left this in serious doubt. The rest are the scores of Liberals who honored the Democratic party as a birth right and would vote for any and all Liberal/Democratic candidate no matter how disreputable they might be. This was continually evidenced in NY, NJ, PA, CT,MA, and CA, to name a few where politicians were returned to office having done nothing for their states or constituents while making more promises they never intended to keep. A large number of Independent voters, had become disenchanted with the war, and as a result moved to the Left, temporarily. Finally, something should be said about where the Liberal faction receives its news. The biased print media and the local NY television stations and their associated cable networks unfairly portray Obama as a man who can do no wrong. Despite all of the evidence that he has surrounded himself in the White House by czars of questionable repute, this is never reported in this media. It is time for honest Americans to accept the fact that they made a mistake by voting for this man and start educating themselves on a daily basis as to what this government is doing. They might have to watch Fox News and listen to some talk radio. Only then will they be able argue, protest, call their legislators, and attend “tea parties” and unscripted town meetings if they so desire.



  1. Al Smith says:

    Very well written article…too bad we can’t turn back the clocks of time.

  2. I appreciate your comments and look forward to more of them regarding future blogs. If you know like minded people, please expand my blog to them as well. The American people need to be educated as to what this government is doing to them and the reasons why they are so motivated

  3. Actually, McCain was the wrong candidate. Palin neither helped or hindered. Had the Republican candidate been younger and more vibrant, it would not have been as easy for Obama who lied his way through the campaign with the help of a gleeful media. This is a reply to the lady who did comment but sadly (sic) seems to suffer from penis envy. If your comments do not contain any substance and defame with only Liberal bias and not serious debate, they will be removed. This is in response to a lame attack on Sarah Palin.

    • I have a number of school age grandchildren and plan to make a point of speaking wih them and asking to look at their history books. Unfortunately with the use of chronic political correctness and allowing texing in classrooms, I am not certain what the kids are learning. It however is clear to me that some schools are allowing teachers to impress their students with things that must be kept out of the classroom. Particularly any more odes to Obama, who is undeserving of any of them at any rate. My personal feeling with regard to the teachers and principals of that NJ school is one strike and your out I would like to know how the PTA and Boards of Education are dealing with such problems in other schools and plan to research that as well. Thank you for your interest in my blog and hope you might read on.

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