Ever since clear thinking people received the news that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize, the questions, the satire and legitimate responses have kept coming and will continue to do so considering the award and the recipient. In order to comprehend the thinking of those members of the Nobel committee that makes such decisions, one must look back to those more recent recipients of the award. Actually Obama is in good company, considering, again, his relationship with ACORN and the UNIONS and strange Chicago politics. Not that long ago Al Gore whose Hollywood star reached its ascendancy with his Oscar for that forgettable movie, won the Nobel for his contribution to the Global warming myth. I was so impressed when that JOLLY GREEN giant accepted his award. Never saw the movie, and do not plan to. Now Mr. Gore famous for being unaware of contributions to his presidential bid from some mosque or what ever, is also involved in the Cap and Trade fiasco since he reportedly lives in a 20,000 square foot home that must contribute excessively to his CARBON FOOT PRINT. I forgot that he is also in some business where an over user of Carbon Dioxide sell credits to an under user. Lest we forget about the huge plane that shuttles him around to various speaking exercises and Pelosi as well. Do any of these proponents of global warming understand that Carbon dioxide is normally exhaled by people and animals and contributes to the growth of plants on our planet. As far as the melting ice caps, more BS from Liberals who just vomit back everything they are told by their leaders. The second recipient for discussion is Yasser Arafat, a terrorist who contributed to and relished in the death of Israelis. He was given space and a lot of press by our Liberal Democratic presidents. Last but not least is Jimmy Carter, one of the worst presidents and poorest statesman this country has ever had. I understand he wields a great hammer though and that should be his only claim to a fame that otherwise was, is and will always be undistinguished.

Upon being made aware of the fact that he had won the “prize” Obama said that he felt humbled. This reminded me of the fact that I spent last weekend with my 6 aand 4 year old grandchildren with whom I watched a movie called “Charlottes’s Web”. Charlotte is a spider who must find a word to describe a spring pig by the name of Wilbur. The word Charlotte finds to describe Wilbur is “HUMBLE”. If I had to make a choice between Obama and Wilbur as for being humble, I must choose the pig since he is much more honest and therefore believable.

I wonder if, when Chris Matthews heard the “great” news, he again felt a sensation “moving up or down his leg.” What a credit he has been to impartiality and fair and honest reporting. His parents must really be proud.

Jerry Seinfeld won Emmys for a TV series “about nothing”. Now I can understand how the Nobel committee came to the conclusion to award Obama. To date, his presidency has been about nothing……NOTHING GOOD.


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