The once prestigious Nobel Peace Price has been reduced to its lowest level by being awarded to Obama. Exactly what has he accomplished in the brief period of time he absorbed the presidency. He has surrounded himself with terrorists, communist and socialists with the cadre he calls csar/advisors. He has become the proud owner of Chrysler and General Motors. He has apologized all over the world for the “sins” our nation has committed over the years according to his beliefs. He has refused to identify his origin of birth. He has made no firm commitment to the safety of our troops fighting for our country. He has aligned himself with an organization called ACORN that has come under fire and is being investigated for illegal practices that might involve voter fraud among others. He is trying to commit our country to a poorly thought out Health Reform Plan that his cronies in the Congress will try to push through with every deceptive practice at hand. The list goes on and on.  Is it possible that Norway honored Obama because Copenhagen refused to do so?  Some say that he was given the award just to get even with George Bush.  This would be another example of childish behavior one would find in a playground rather than more educated people.  But then, we should be used to it, having to deal with the Democrats on a daily basis.  Well what does he have left to look forward to. I am certain that the media will find a way to have him win American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race, or Survivor Samoa.   OR PERHAPS HE HAS DESIGNS TO BECOME EMPEROR.  He already has indicated that “HE WON” and he should be entitled to anything he wants by virtue of his posturing and attitude.

Yesterday on ABC, Obama was asked if he might participate in the Health Care Program , he was trying to ram down the throats of the American public as a consumer.  From what I understand, there was no response.  Apparently, although I have yet to see any documentation of the latest Health Plan (not yet available on the internet as Obama promised. Unkept promise #233),  built into the plan is exclusion for the participation of Congress etal.  HOW NOBLE OF THEM.

There is a rider in the Defense Bill, in Congress, that will expand a hate crimes provision adopted in 1968 shortly after the death of Martin Luther King. Can anyone in their right mind explain why this should be added to legislation that deals with funding military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  What does this have to do with defense?


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