I had noted in a previous blog that ACORN had utilized a criminal element many of whom were still serving time in prison to canvas house to house and get out the vote in Nevada in the 2008 election.  What a comforting thought. This is the same organization who gave ” illicit constructive” advice to two young reporters who exposed  illegal ACORN office practices in at least 5  states recently.ACORN had also been sanctioned by Obama to be keeper of the next census. Well it seems that of thousands of so called volunteers too many, have been identified as rapists, people convicted of manslaughter and child abusers. Obama certainly has done a great job as a community organizer since he has, through his project, ACORN brought out the worst of the worst to work on our behalf. Because of ACORN’s current problems, this organization will not longer have any thing to do with the census. I just wonder what other criminal element might be fostered upon us to  deal with that. The whole point of the census being taken away from Commerce and placed under the “good” care of White House csars is to provide for gerrymandering or illegal re-engineering of Democratic districts which is another way to steal votes. The NY based head of ACORN in a recent statement blamed everyone but ACORN for its recent troubles. I would not have expected less from her.


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