If any of the elected officials were employed by reputable businesses, they would have been fired long ago. For example; the Democrats voted to allow Rangel to keep his chairmanship until his “difficulties” were sorted out.  There is nothing to sort out. Pelosi has been stonewalling his case for over a year because it suits  her partisan policies. She should be the first to go for too many reasons. Will the gutless people of California ever understand that she operates in a vacuum for herself and not the constituents of her economically strapped state.  Sticking pork on bills that benefits herself more than California is her way of sticking it to the voters.  The writers of the current Senate Health Bill in committee are ecstatic that it will cost only some $866 Billion dollars instead of $900 Billion.  They are trying to advance the notion that it represents a saving of some $44 Billion dollars. Fire these idiots as well. Some, but not the majority of the American public are not that stupid to accept that math.  Get rid of most of the bill and we could really save a legitimate amount of money.  Hidden somewhere in the bill and available on the internet are clauses that deal with taxing products such as breast pumps, pacemakers, joint replacement hardware and on and on the list goes if it might cost over $100.  The individual would be taxed if it was included in the cost of his or her medical care and applied to health insurance coverage.  These so called legislators who will not have any health care reform provision applied to themselves or family are willing to stick it to the tax paying public which will in the end underwrite the free health care that Congress will still enjoy. Another reason to fire these people for not doing the job they were hired for. What does it take for all of the American people to comprehend that? While, yes, we need health care reform, it is not this kind of reform that cost billions, and just to satisfy a president and a party that wished to demonstrate how powerful they believe they are. The President should be fired along with Congress for being partisan, biased, and more importantly inept with regard to every single issue, including how the war is being waged, national defense, reckless spending, power grabs  and the constant APOLOGIA.  He hates this country and everything it stands for. What would one expect from someone who has no roots because he was born elsewhere, taught in foreign schools, and has refused to show evidence of origin of birth.  To add to the picture, he is inept.

Politicians looking for your vote will be coming to your home and knocking on your door. Do not just smile and shake their hand. Ask them such questions as:

1. How do you feel about the way Obama is handling the war against terror?

2. Should Rangel be removed from Congress now?

3. Is Pelosi fair and unbiased in the manner in which she handles her job?

4. Is the current Congress working for the people?

5. How do feel about the manner in which Congress is handling health care?

6. Is the stimulus a good idea?

7. Should Acorn be completely done away with? Did they influence the 2008 election illegally?

8. Should we know more about Obama’s csars? Should we have them moved out?

9. How do you fee about terrorists, communists and socialists guiding policy in the White House?

10. Did Obama waste our money in his quest for a Chicago Olympics?

11.What is your position regarding unions such as SEIU?

12. What is your feeling about Cap and Trade?

Write down their answers and remind them that if they looked favorably on any of the questions above, they would not be elected,,,,,,,,,or reelected. AMERICA, IT IS TIME TO TAKE A POSITION AGAINST FRAUD, GRAFT, PORK, ILLEGAL LOBBYISTS, AND THE CONGRESS WHO WERE HIRED TO WORK FOR US AND NOT THEMSELVES. FIRE THEM!!!!!!!


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