Congress Has A New Hardship For The Middle Class: It Is In The Senate Health Care Billl

Employees can currently borrow against their paychecks up to $4000 tax free to pay for medical emergencies. The bill in the Senate committee dealing with Health Care Reform  includes a cap on that amount which has been reduced to $2500. The middle class suffering from diabetes, heart disease, renal disease will be the most affected since it will not be indexed, so there will be no provision for cost of living increases. This is yet another “crime” perpetrated by a Congress who can:

1. Borrow $5000 against medical expenses tax free and have a cost of living increase

2.Collect Social Security for themselves and their wives(an who knows who else) without ever having to contribute to it.  The amounts noted are upwards of $1M for them selves and $250,000 for the spouse.

3. Not be forced to be included in all of the horrendous provisions of the Health Care “REFORM” that supposedly they have written and possibly not read, since they have already stated they would rather not and instead have the tax payers continue to pay for their own  “quality” health care. My suggestion is   and their families have to use the VA for any and all health care issues. If there is a penalty included in the bill for someone who chooses not to purchase health care insurance, Congress and for that matter ALL federal employees MUST be subject to the same penalty.

4. The issue of Congress’ immunity against suit for whatever they it may have done to the tax paying American public by virtue of how laws are passed must be addressed.  WHO WILL DO IT?


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