Liberal Support Of Obama: A Combination Of Pure Stupidity And Socialist/Communist Leanings

Having spent the better part of a day listening to both Conservative Talk Radio and the so called “fringe media” such as MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and the “dreck”(some people will understand the nomenclature) who have moved Dave Garroway aside and now “qvell” by having “ultra stimuli”  moving up and down their legs as a result of a possible “religious experience” with OBAMA THE GREAT, I have to wonder if the media that so supports the left really believe in their purpose to continue to lend support since it might mean better ratings or jobs. I tend to believe the latter since no reporter so intrunsted with presenting the facts could ignore reality for the absurd. Does C.Matthews want to succeed R.Gibbs as press secretary? Gibbs has presented himself in a manner that woulds require his immediate release. HE IS CLEARLY A MORON and nothing he might say could suggest otherwise. I do not know him but wonder why is it that important for him to remain so unprincipled. The job is clearly more important than how he spins Obamas policies. Gibbs, get a life…if you have a family and children, you owe them more, Gibbs, you owe this country more……Again, having written a blog previously on the subject, it becomes more important to repeat. Liberals are too stupid to recant that they made have made an error in judement or are so ingrained in their Communist philosophy that they are willing to accept everything and anything that OBAMA brings forth. Remember, America that it is being done to justify his platform that makes America admit defeat, and accept every possible admission of guilt that OBAMA the CONFESSOR deems needed to bring this country to its knees, making it a part of the THIRD WORLD.  Americans, not necessarily Conservatives, must stand up and refuse to be a party tlo OBAMA’s Communist practices. Fight OBAMA CARE, fight the next STIMULUS, fight CAP and TRADE, and read about it so that you ALL have an intelligent response based upon education. OBAMA and his CROOKS want all of us to be uneducated with regard to HEALTH C ARE, CAP and TRADE and any and all of the bills that will be introduced, without ever being read by a Congress who vote on them and the American people that it will so adversely effect. We understand that at least 30% of those who voted for OBAMA and accept his policies are idiots and sadly that includes a number of members of my close family and relatives. I plan to continue to challenge them in an attempt to educate them. Sadly the inability to do so in the long run will result in whatever i they might make toward OBAMA’s unobstructed run toward the destruction of the UNITED STATES.  There shall be a time when they shall  hopefully might comprehend the seriousness of their actions. I just hope it will not be TOOOO LATE.


One Response to Liberal Support Of Obama: A Combination Of Pure Stupidity And Socialist/Communist Leanings

  1. This is in response to GlibLib’s typical liberal attack without any facts to back his or her argument. It is in the character of the liberal to react with 100% emotion and ZERO intellect. You should look back into Obama’s background and read the books he has written. If you are either a Communist or Socialist, you will agree with every program he has proposed. It is the ignorant, all accepting Liberal mentality that still believes that Obama will keep any or all campaign promises. You cannot possibly argue that TRANSPARENCY is of any importance to him. You call me a fascist. I am an American concerned about what this man might do to our country. Hitler was a fascist. You might be interested in an early post comparing the economic problems that faced the Weimar Republic to our current economic failings. Obama has not been proactive with regard to any of our current military or homeland security issues, unless you believe that apologizing to the world is the answer. All of his responses have been knee jerk reactions. Just look at the so called Czars he has in place in the White House , admitted Communists and Socialists. You might Google White House Czars and see who they really are. What do you call the Democrats in Congress holding their secretive meetings to discuss Health Care? Probably a GREAT IDEA! In your comment, you speak of “your school system, your court system”. Are you a citizen of the United States? For a GLIBLIB YOU ARE NOT GLIB AT ALL.

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