Obama: Propaganda in Medicine and The Arts: NO OLYMPICS IN CHI

Obama had a news/photo op today in the Rose garden with a group of people dressed in white coats, some with stethescopes dangling around their necks. Golly Gee! They must be doctors cause they look like doctors. Or…….do they only play one on TV?  All physicians do not necessarily parade around in white coats. I haven’t worn one since my last day of residency. Is it possible that Rahm  Emmanuel collected a bunch of people and dressed them up to look the part, since most physicians are not in favor of the “PUBLIC-NO OPTION”. So who really were these people and why should we believe that Obama is being genuine? He never has been, you know.

Obama is using tax payer money to advance his programs through the NEA.  I have noted this in a previous blog and apparently the practice continues. We fund the NEA grants by virtue of our hard earned money, and they should not be used for personal furthering of programs desired by the President or his party. Therefore ALL grant money must be returned immediately and Congress should put any new money for grants on hold. I feel sorry for the artists, but if they are that ignorant to play a role in this deceit, they are not entitled to government grants. When ACORN was found to be using unacceptable practices, Congress held back new monies earmarked for that questionable Obama favorite. Now SEIU is also involved in making policy with regard to the NEA.  Perhaps it should be the next to be investigated, but could we see that in the near future from the US Attorney General??????? In the middle of this mess we again find, Valerie Jerrette. She seems to turn up everywhere.  What exactly would she have gained had the 2016 Olympics been awarded to Chicago? Is Obama a dupe? Does he know what his people are doing? I think so. It is time, America, to take a firm stand against the misuse of taxpayer money.

Some people from Chicago and Left handed Leftists are blaming George Bush for the loss of the Olympics.  Why NOT? These stupid people will blame President Bush for anything if it suits their purpose to do so.


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