Today both the Secretary of State of Nevada and a spokesman for the Governor’s office in California confirmed that ACORN was under investigation for fraudulent practices regarding voter registration during the elections in November 2008. The Nevada spokesman who is a Democrat as  is the  state’s Attorney General confirmed that Obama’s organization of “community service” utilized incarcerated felons, some of whom were in prison for identification theft, to assist in the registration of voters in that state. Apparently these individuals had access to computers and more information than legally was their’s to have. California just confirmed that ACORN is being investigated along with high level officers of this organization. In the past, and during the recent video expose of ACORN practices, blame was generally laid upon what the higher echelon called “low level individuals”. It should be clear that none of the latter  probably could have acted on their own.  Every ACORN leader in what ever states they were active must be taken to task to make certain that justice is served.  This organization should not be allowed to defend itself with any monies obtained from the federal government since this money belongs to the people of the United States. In Nevada some 47% of voters registered by ACORN were considered ineligible since many were dead or never existed according to the Secretary of State. The initial response from ACORN was this was a politically motivated until they found out that both the Attorney General and Secretary of State of Nevada were Democrats. One has to now wonder how many illegal votes were cast during the past election and are any or all of those elected.  legally holding office.


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