Yesterday, before flying off to Copenhagen, which is obviously more important than any war being fought in Afghanistan, Obama addressed the Democratic Governor’s Conference. These are some of the remarks he made.

1. “There is a building boom from the stimulus package which is being used effectively ” Lie#1 Less than 4% of the monies alloted have been released.

2. “In all of the 50 states, there is new construction on homes, roads and schools” Lie #2 None of this true. No new roads, new schools or other type of construction from stimulus money which has gone to Jimmy Carter’s Library, Clinton’s Library and grants for useless projects.

3. “Unemployment is down.” Lie #3 It is over 500,000 for the quarter and almost 200,000 for September. The current rate is conveniently reported as 9.8% unemployed, but is closer to 15.

Does this man really believe the untruths that he spreads on a daily basis or is he just too stupid to understand that he has nothing under control? Least of all, the economy, healthcare, the war in Afghanistan and Nuclear containment of Iran or North Korea.

Lst’s hope the Olympic Committee is smart enough to award the games to a city other Chicago which is so corrupt that Obama’s immediate entourage will make use every bit of fraud , deceit and corruption of which they are most capable.


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