An Open Letter To Grayson Dem. Florida

I find your recent congressional speech insulting.  You have chosen to liken the Republican position on Health Care Reform tantamount to encouraging people to die, comparing it in some bizarre manner to the Holocaust. You and your ilk, in attempt to push across a program that the majority of NORMAL Americans do not want is no more than an ego trip and continued power grab. I hope that your constituents remember all of your idiocy when it comes time to run you out of Washington. I understand that you have tried to spin your words, regretting some of them. I also understand that you are Jewish, and that in itself is regrettable. Please consider immediate conversion to what ever other religion might accept you.  Considering that we have just recently celebrated two of the most holy holidays on our calender, the disgraceful venom spilled from your mouth came at a very poor time, but there could never be a good time.


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