SATIRE? Welcome To Obamaland: A Place Time Shall Soon Forget

Obamaland consists of a number of individual theme parks:

Fantasy World: The visitors leave the tram and are conducted to a large screen where they see the beaming face of the President displayed. A pre recorded message is being played, but if they have come at its beginning they hear Obama, define, undefine and redefine many of his campaign promises for CHANGe, most of which he has misplaced, forgotten or reneged on while punctuating every point with a thumb up while calling everybody FOLKS.  For most of us Conservatives, what he has not yet done to this country has been a blessing.  The Liberal crowd has an emotional knee jerk reaction and cheer loudly without hearing much of what is said, but assuming it is the gospel according to O____A, while the Conservatives tend to intellectualize, digest and then reject most of which is fantasy.  As part of the presentation, Obama reiterates his position that there is no Health Care provision for insuring the ILLEGAL ALIENS, but the Conservatives are not convinced since Democrats are already calling for implementing such a provision whether directly or thru the back door by legalizing aliens thus allowing to participate, without personal cost in OUR health care that we, as American citizens fund. No one called him a liar this time. They did not have to. We are presented with a new and yet more wonderful program called Stimulus, much is written by such as the now disgraced, (I think), Van Jones and the Apollo organization  headed reportedly by “former” terrorists. (Not Fantasy).

Bail-out World: This has turned out to be a very popular venue for certain Bank Executives and Old Wall Street firms who through government intervention survived the debacle of 2008.  A legacy firm, not held in too high esteem by a former Bush administration cabinet member was allowed to self destruct, while such as A.I.G. was allowed to pick up as much cash from the TARP as it needed. This company was then awarded with a double then triple dip and snubbed its nose at the American people by taking large bonuses and holding lavish parties at their expense. Government then bought interest in and lent large amount of monies to General Motors and Chrysler only to find out that they would most likely not be able to repay the “loan” since their stocks had not been as productive as expected. But no worries, the Unions were rewarded significant control of these companies as a pay back for supporting Obama’s election with votes, however they may have acquired them.

Fraud World: Too many of our elected officials seem to like part of Obama Land since their portraits are on display as visitors disembark. We see large pictures of Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Charlie Rangel(everyone calls him Charlie). The former three individuals are to be commended on their lack of intervention when the Bush Administration evidenced concerns that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were on the verge of failure, but no these individuals who felt every one deserved a mortgage whether they could afford it or not would create problems what so ever for a banking industry that was forced to make these loans under threat by these and other individuals serving them. Ms. Pelosi who fortunately self destructs every day and Harry Reid who hopefully and probably will not be re-elected by Nevadans both signed off on the legality of Obama to run for President despite the fact that he has never produced a birth certificate and has spent upwards of $900,000 for legal fees to prevent such a document from seeing the light of day. I find it so interesting that Liberals see nothing wrong with this. (MEANS TO AN END? AYE?) Now Charlie( so endearing) Rangel who heads a Congressional Committee that oversees the writing of tax law has thought nothing of evading and avoiding paying taxes on cars, homes, etal,  albeit in foreign countries, and questionable apartment acquisitions in NY with excuses that equal “my dog ate my homework”. Despite this Pelosi  has stonewalled any attempt to investigate what he has done. (NOT FANTASY).  It is time that madam speaker (no caps) steps down before much more surfaces about pork that she and her husband might have benefited from. This brings us to ACORN, a major Obama MACHINE that oversaw the election process in a way that Liberals voters were never interfered with but clearly was a weapon wielding force at many places where voting  for President was in progress.  Now we have two young journalists who have exposed ACORN for what it is, a tax evading, prostitution encouraging, Obama supporting organization with which he has and continues to have strong ties.  ALL MONIES given to ACORN must be returned. All monies earmarked to ACORN must be removed, and they should not be allowed to use OUR money for the purpose of suing the two young people who exposed the indefensible actions of this organization. Mr. Obama, tear down your relationship with ACORN now. (To paraphrase something said by a renown statesman). The individual who has close ties to Obama has his ear in the White House, yet Obama says he knows little about any issues ACORN now has.  THIS SHOULD BE A PREMIER FEATURE OF FANTASY LAND. Portraits are in preparation in anticipation of many more many members of Congress who shall soon be so “dishonored” for what they have done for personal gain both financial and elective. Neither party will be excluded with regard to these questionable accolades.

Reality World: This is  a Hollywood style computerization of Obama meeting with world leaders.  We leave the tram and first visit a life-sized animated representation of Obama conferring with the “elected” President of Iran. Over head sits a huge banner stating “NO PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS”  While they speak nuclear war heads, dummy of course roar overhead in the direction of signs that are clearly written in Hebrew. One of the war heads misfires and destroys the banner. Neither the Liberal nor Conservative audience cheers because they realize that something terrible is wrong with this picture. We next come to an exhibit that shows Obama dividing Jerusalem in half with a sword as computerized Palestinians cheer and fire weapons into the air.  Again, both Liberals, particularly the Jews who voted for Obama’s CHANGe suddenly understand they have made a big mistake.  The government comes to the realization that the entire exhibit has back fired and immediately closes it while shunting visitors to the next exhibit.

McChrystal World: In this particular venue, we see General McChrystal calling Obama a number of times about the need for additional troops on the ground. He has had only one Presidential meeting despite the fact the he was the President’s choice to assume charge of the campaign in Afghanistan. We now see a computerization of Obama vsiting Copenhagen in an attempt to enlist the cooperation of the Olympic Committee to designate Chicago as the 2016 summer Olympic site. With him are the Wife and long term friend. Jerrett who among others might be significantly be compensated for any real estate deals that might accrue as a result of a positive affirmation. A computerized Tea Party suddenly appears protesting the fact that Obama is spending tax payers money for two huge jets, for each of the Obamas in additional to support aircraft and needed ground vehicles for escort. Obama tells them to SHUT UP!  (What other Chicago crooks can be waiting in the wings with open palms? Most likely all of them.) A huge sign in the background raised by the Mayor of Chicago suggests that a tribute to Al Capone might be next in order. No one rushes to tear it down. As all of this unfolds, we are told of three new road bombings in Afghanistan that have taken a number of American and British soldiers’ lives. Computerized American mothers plead with Obama to make a decision now, but to no avail. Obama does take time to meet with the new NATO Leader before leaving for Denmark and the quest for questionable Olympic gold. Obama tells the new NATO leader that, it is not an American War but a NATO war not knowing that the only two participants are Americans and British. (CHEERS! ) Both the Secretary of State and the President have decided to sit on a decision regarding the General’s request for  perhaps six weeks. (Hope the Taliban do not use the time in a way favorable to them). Either this President must withdraw our troops to safety of our homeland or deploy more as requested or do neither and blanket bomb the entire area until no Taliban is left.(POLITICALLY CORRECT? TOO BAD)  Perhaps it might not be a good idea to telegraph our actions with leaflets beforehand. One of Obama’s problems is that he appears not to understand the danger of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling into Taliban or other terrorist hands, or does he?

Socialist/Communist World: The venue is much different from the others. The buildings are painted in drab grey and the characters that inhabit this world are costumed in rags, appearing to be asking alms from the visitors just leaving the trams.  A group of tourists from Russian and former East block nations, who are immediately amused by this. Some are overheard to say that the best thing that happened was the fall  and dismemberment of the former Soviet Union. Others stated if they had any idea that this was the direction that the Obama was taking the U.S. they would never even consider immigration since the new Russian Capitalistic society was such an improvement over Communism. Then they saw some of the so called “positive CHANGes.” Obama  now had  a  needy society totally dependent upon government for food, money, housing and health care. People knew what cars they had to buy, only the Liberals loved the excessive taxes they had to pay because it was patriotic, and people rarely used their vehicles because the cost of fuel was prohibitive.  The good thing for the chosen few, about redistributing the wealth, as Obama so often suggested, was that there would still be fat cats in government,  who still benefited from fraud and graft and who would be able to continue to live “high off the hog” from all the pork they voted for, not to forget the government officials such as the President who were able to still send their children to expensive private schools, and government officials who would still benefit from social security to which they contributed nothing, and the President could entertain at the White  House with pizza provided by a chef imported  from St. Louis and allow Air Force One terrorize New Yorkers by its unexpected photo op flight over the Statue of Liberty or to  deposit the President for a day, a night or a weekend of dinner and shows at the tax payers expense. The Russian visitors were able without fear of repercussion, to curse their former and possibly current government officials for enjoying the same excesses at the expense of the Russian people.  This particular group chose not to visit Reality World since they had been warned about a semi-realistic computerization of Obama repeatedly embracing Putin as the people of Poland and the Czech Republic  looked on aghast and felt that this was one attraction they would not to pay for.  The Russian visitors were, however interested in characterizations of normal American people carrying on peaceful debates called town meetings and marveled at their freedom to do so. There was some concern on their part when it became clear that Liberal legislators that attended the so called debates refused to respond to questions in a civil manner. This and the fact that meetings were periodically interrupted and people beaten by stick wielding thugs made the Russians feel right at home.

Healthcare Reform World: There are a number of subdivisions of this venue. One must include Geriatric World, Bureaucratic Intervention World, Resources Denial World, Tort Reform World, Rationing World which includes services and pharmaceuticals,  and last of all Euthanasia World, one of the most desired venues by some members of Obama’s inner circle.( Perhaps it should be tried out on them before the rest of us.) The presentations at this particular site are immediately problematic since no one can agree or disagree what should be included. Many Conservatives would suggest that  a word often used, TRANSPARENCY, but never applied as offered by Obama during his run for the Presidency is a must, but it has been made clear that this would be an intrusion into the LIES and DECEIT portion of the many bills presented by Congress.  Dead ahead visitors are allowed to view the Bill that consists of at least(Whose Counting) 1000 blank pages. They are blank because it was felt by the Obama administration that the public should not suffer any more of a hardship than the Congress regarding the need to read the bill before they voted on it.  As the “great”, (one always uses that phrase when describing a state or public official) individual representing Michigan recently stated, and I  paraphrase, “I  cannot read 1000 page bill. I would need a team of lawyers to interpret, or what ever”. A large sign over a photo of Mr. Conyers read ” Resign now! You are clearly useless to your constituents, the state of Michigan and the United States Congress, and that goes for ALL OF THE IDIOTS IN CONGRESS THAT HAVE VOTED ON AND FAILED TO READ the TARP OR SUBSEQUENT STIMULUS BILLS.” Three hundred old fashioned Massachusetts Colony stocks have been set up to receive the majority of Congress for punishment. Should whipping and dunking be far behind?

Future World I: The newly elected Congress that is the first to be subjected to term limits has accepted the fact that they are here to perform a public service and not to be rewarded in perpetuity with health care that their constituents do not receive, social security for themselves and their wives to which they have never contributed and perks that will cease when they leave office, with the understanding that they could be elected again after a period of time if they properly served their people who put them in office, and have made a genuine contribution such as which has not been evidenced by public servants for far too many years.  Additional the word honest politician might once again be applied to those seeking public office because the gains achieved shall be documented, all taxes owed paid and questions of fraud or graft no longer needed to be questioned. (Perhaps this should be part of Fantasy Land, but it does not hurt to hope for the best for this country. ) Tax incentives are given to small business who have earned them. Entrepreneurs continue to flourish under our CAPITALIST society. New drugs, and inventions are allowed to freely be developed without government intrusion and intervention.  Environmentally safe off shore drilling has commenced for a number of years resulting in NO dependence upon foreign oil, particularly Venezuela,  and Iran whose people now enjoy a free democratic society. Israel lives peacefully along side of a Palestinian people who has rejected Hezbollah and Hamas but Jerusalem remains the capital  and the boundaries that existed during the long ago Yom Kippur War are still intact. and  The productive use of the vast amount of natural gas of which this country has in an abundance, has lowered the cost of heating in a country and a world that clearly has rejected the concept of global warming. A Cap and Trade Bill that a confused administration had earlier proposed, never became a reality and the stock of companies that were dependent upon the passage of this bill have bankrupted  investors such  as Al Gore , without adversely affecting the Dow Jones Average which has been able to reach and stay above 15,000 for the better part of a year.  Needed Health Care Reforms have been enacted and the Public Option long ago rejected by the majority of the American people has become just one of many absurd proposals of the Obama administration. There has been Health Care Reform without rationing of services and needed Tort reform has been enacted much to the benefit of physicians and hospitals that rarely have to practice so-called defensive medicine. Patients remain in hospital no longer than needed, reducing that ominous length of stay issue, ultimately reducing costs to hospitals.  A re evaluation of costs  for certain surgical procedures and diagnostic radiological procedures has lead to more reasonable reimbursements.  Drugs can now be purchase by states in volume such is done in Canada, lowering their costs to consumers. People are able to purchase health insurance over state lines, thus increasing competition and lowering costs. Employers are now given tax incentives to provide health insurance to employees and employees seeking to change jobs may do so with their health care following them. There are no penalties for failure to purchase health insurance.  Immigration laws have become more stringent.  Infants born to illegal aliens must return with their parents to their natural homeland and apply for citizenship since  will no longer be automatic. While people who come to emergency rooms will not be turned away, it is now required to question them as to country, origin and place of work and residence.  The phrase pre-existing condition has been by law stricken from all insurance contracts with both patients and hospitals. All certification needed for procedures and hospitalizations will be discussed on a peer to peer basis to assure that they are discussed by high level people who will be expected to decide and expedite such matters in a fair and efficient manner.  All of the President’s advisers must be vetted carefully and approved by a group of duly elected Congressional committees.  The term csar will never again be used. There will be no exceptions. Korea has been reunited to exist as one country, and China and India are working side by side with the U.S. to improve those issues regarding the planet that have been found to deserve the most attention.  AlQueda and the Talaban have long ago been defeated but small pockets of resistance still spring up along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, but any nuclear weapons not yet disarmed have been made secure.

Future World II: The tram stops at a large building that resembles the Capitol rotunda in Washington. It was built to honor the men and women who tirelessly devoted their lives to public service without thought of personal gain. All states are represented to some degree but it immediately becomes evident that more current legislators, not so honored have represented states such as Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Delaware, Massachusetts, California and Nevada just to name a few.  There is a tribute to all of the Presidents with information regarding the issues that they had to deal with, inscribed on plaques under their portraits.  One- term presidents had shorter  biographies such as Barack Hussein Obama and Jimmy Carter.  Richard Nixon had his own cubicle in the “Forced to Resign in Office Section”. The current President, a former military commander and at one time Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is now in his second term and people in general are questioning the need for term limits in his case, as imposed after Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in 1945. The most popular man to hold that office in recent history since Ronald Reagan, he has never had his background questioned regarding race, ethnicity, origin of birth or intent of purpose.


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  1. ruth lowy says:

    you make alot of good sense

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