Yesterday I found a comment on my blog that was thought by the sender to be clever and astute. It was not either. Liberals are incapable of debating issues because they are both uninformed and have already been brainwashed. Liberals get any and all of their information from the networks and with cable stations they own or with whom there  is a contractual arrangement. They label anyone who has expressed opposition to the federal government’s policies “lunatic”, or rabble rousing or in recent instances nazi, as used by  the Speaker of the House. They resort to name calling because they are devoid of substance and certainly are not knowledgeable. I challenge the individual who wrote the comment that he has read any of the Health Reform Bills that are pending in Congress. I have and therefore have a right to comment on them as I have.  Liberals seem to accept everything this Democratic Congress insists we adopt. Liberals never seem to find any fault with any party members or the fact that some paid no taxes yet were elevated to to serve by a President and a Congress who accepted what is now being considered a minor shortcoming. Any other citizen who acted accordingly would be fighting his case in a court of law. Liberals accept Pelosi’s failure to take action on NY Rep. Charles Rangel, one who writes the tax laws but has failed to follow them. Liberals accept the indoctrination of children in the NJ school where a video shows them singing an ode to Obama, much like the manner in which the children of china were forced to sing Mao’s praises. Liberals just consider that a minor issue and part of Black Heritage month. Some of the parents of those children are not so forgiving and nor should they be.  Liberals look past the illegal actions of ACORN and wish to condemn the two young journalists that exposed this contemptible organization that should be watched very carefully in the 2010 election.  Liberals find it easier to condemn the broadcasters of Fox Cable News without listening to them while at the same time greatly admiring what Chris Matthews has to say.   American parents have always felt it necessary for their children to grow up in a better world and would strive to do anything to make it happen. We have a president whose cup apparently has always been half empty, and there is more pessimism than optamism in this country, because, if all of the bills that this power hungry man wants, to come to fruition it will economically burden generations to come.  Many Liberals are very wealthy, but decry the capitalistic way that has made this country great. Obama wishes to “share the wealth”. Are these rich fat cats willing to do that.  If it might appear that their money might be touched, they will be the first to cry foul. If you recall during the years that Russia was a communist country, the rich did very well living in their dachas on the Black sea while the middle class/peasant Russian floundered for years in poverty. Will this just be selective sharing of the wealth? Liberals will not debate the merits of Socialism or Communism since they state that “Obama is not either and it will never happen here.” When I suggest that Nancy Pelosi has stated that she wants to tax IRA/pensions, my sister-in-law says. “Oh, no, that can never happen.” Why are Liberals so assured that their lives will not be drastically changed by this President and his questionable leanings? Why won’t Liberals even debate the fact that Obama has surrounded himself with a group of people whose merits, backgrounds and motives must be questioned? We have a Democratic Congress where the Senate Leader is prepared to change the rules for voting. The checks and balances that our founding fathers incorporated are being obviated by ruthless people whose only purpose for being is to be reelected. Why can’t Liberals understand that 85% of Americans are satisfied with their health care and do not wish to have the Federal Government run it as a Public Option where there is no option at all. Why don’t Liberals understand that lowering taxes,  and decreasing spending is better for the economy and has been time tested. The Democratic Party has one interest and that is to remain in power no matter what it takes to do so, and Liberals just accept this as the norm. They at some time will have to get over the fact, as they phrase it, “THAT BUSH STOLE THE ELECTION IN 2000.” That is the only thing they might be willing to debate. Why can’t Liberals debate the issues? It is easier for them to sit back and remain uniformed and uneducated because the government will take care of them.  Fortunately, there are those of us unwilling to accept both the status quo and the dribble being fed to us by the government and their lackeys in the media, and we will continue to read and question the motives of people who are currently running this country and those Liberals who support them.



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