We are constantly being told that any Health Care Reform Bill will not be implemented until 2013. The rush to vote is purely a tactic by Obama and his Vunderkinds to try to get this Public Option portion passed before thousands more Americans contact their Congressmen to vote against any such bill.  Olympia Snow, a Republican(I think) Senator from Rhode Island and a member of the committee supposedly writing the bill cannot understand why two weeks cannot pass so that the American people can obtain copy,  read it thoroughly along with Congress( something Congress apparently does not do) and then voice any objections. Obama in his desire to gain more power over this country does not want this to happen for obvious reasons.  Recently, Humana Health Care Organization based in Kentucky advised their clients of the dangers of the Public Option, and Obama’s henchmen immediately made an attempt to stifle this first amendment right (Freedom Of Speech) and let the IRS loose on Humana. These are the type fascist tactics used by Hitler in attempt to make the people subservient to him. Let us not allow this to happen here.

In view of the steady propaganda regarding the “need” for a Public Option that Obama constantly echoes during his unending public appearances, some statements on Health Care Reform are in order. As a physician who deal with both Medicare and Health management Organizations on a daily basis, I believe myself more informed than this president who utters irrelevant and false statements on a daily basis.  This country that has the best delivered Health Care System in the world still has room for improvement, but we cannot allow a government who has  failed miserably with Medicaid, Medicare and the Postal Service to get their hands on our Health Care. We all know that the Congress who writes these bills will never allow themselves to be placed in a system they have designed for the people. This so called Public Option will neither save money nor cut costs. It will however lead to rationing of services and pharmaceuticals for for those people who are in the most need. The government office that reports directly to the White has explained this to Obama who has chosen to ignore its advice, since he is so driven to be “KING OF THE HILL”

The following proposals have made by Republicans but rejected by the partisan Democratic Liberals. I have added some of my own. 1) TORT REFORM, TORT REFORM, TORT REFORM. Physicians will not change their practices without reasonable tort reform. They cannot continue to pay costly premiums for malpractice insurance that escalate wih frivolous suits and enormous rewards that mostly benefit attorneys. There has to be a cap on awards. Only after this occurs shall physicians be able to remain solvent, practice quality medicine, reduce the number of needless costly tests that lead to expensive hospital lengths of stay. 2) People should be allowed to cross state lines for the purpose of purchasing affordable health insurance. This will lead to more competition and lower costs for premiums. 3) Wage earners should be able to change jobs and have their health insurance follow them, thus avoiding the expenses of Cobra. 4) Employers should be offered a tax credit to provide health insurance to employees and not penalized if they do not. These insurance benefits should not be subject to further taxes as desired by Nancy Pelosi who never will have to adhere to a system that she wants imposed on the American people. This is the one of the worst hypocrites that has held political office. It is time that California voters gave thought to putting her back into the private sector and out of government. 5) States should be able to purchase pharmaceuticals in bulk passing on the savings to those who are in need of them. This is the one thing that I admire about the Canadian Health Care System since Provinces are allowed to do just that. 6) The time in which new drugs are allowed to become generic must be shortened. Tax credits or reduction in capital gains taxes might provide incentive.  7) The cost of providing such services as dialysis, CT scans and MRI’s must be revisited, but of course there would be so few people elderly and otherwise allowed to have dialysis as the Obama Health Care Police decides who shall live and who shall die.  The cost of some surgical services should be looked at and reduced, but this is not a decision we would allow made by a Washington that cannot control the excesses of its own House.

Americans, we must be aware and wary of what certain Obama csars have in store for us. Ezekiel Emmanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel (how’s that for nepotism) wrote an article in the British Lancet decribing who best would be in need of medical care under the “new regime” that might be called Obama Uberalles. In it he clearly defines the group from 20 years to 40 years as the most deserving, and  care rationed to those who fall below and above that line.  This would include what we now call mentally or developmentally challenged and the more physically challenged. Do they wish to “cleanse” the system? Seems we have heard that before in the years 1932 to 1945.

This Obama Congress has proposed the reduction of $400 Billion to Medicare to weed out corruption and fraud and overpayment. What would they know about that? They cannot seems to find away to evaluate Congressman Rangel’s tax liabilities and again Pelosi has stood in the way of any investigation. Actually reducing this amount would quickly drive out physicians whose overhead would become excessive,  from practice. The same august group has suggested that Medicare Advantage be reduced by $250 Billion creating a tremendous hardship for many of the misguided elderly who voted for Obama’s CHANGE.  What was it that change really represented? Did any of them know when they cast that ballot?

Obama has stated that the AMA is backing the Public Option. What he did not tell you is that barely 17% of physicians now belong to the AMA and continue to drop out on a daily basis, also threatening to leave Medicare if Obama is allowed to destroy our medical profession.  The number of primary care physicians is rapidly dwindling.  Obama has claimed that some 46 million people are without  care. In more recent speeches, he has redone the math and now claims the number is down to 20 million. Even so, here will not be enough quality physicians to care for all of the new patients and we are back again to rationing of services, long wait for office visits and more potential morbidities and mortalities as a result.  Obama would call this a scare tactic, but of course, he is the only one capable of that on a daily basis. So what is his answer to fewer participating physicians. It is the creation  of an army of worse trained doctors gleaned from the ranks of minorities allowed to advance to medical school regardless of their intelligence or ability, How’s that for lowering the playing field. Truly, a Socialists dream, but America, not ours. This concept of forcing the so called deprived into colleges ahead of the deserved has been a disaster. I might be able to use the example of our current president if he would release his transcripts regarding how he excelled in Columbia and Harvard. It would also be nice to have a copy of his birth certificate, but now that is for the courts to decide.

We are constantly informed by the Liberal oozing with love, media, that Obama is such a wonderful communicator and smooth speaker.  But when you dissect out the garbage, the content is non existent and we are left with that same empty headline,  CHANGE. Well, those who voted for Obama are getting an idea now what he wants, but are they still too stupid to say :”Wait a minute, that is not why you got my vote”?  “I believe I voted for change, and not the total destruction of our economy. Nor did I believe that you would take over the banks and the auto industry and now health care. I believed you were different and now I realize you are not! Who are these people, these csars for whom we are now footing the bill? Mr. Obama, we would like to meet and have them tell us who they are and what they really stand for.”

Obama basis all of his feeling of ascendancy on one fact, HE WON. Let us explain that fallacy to him. We know that all that he wants to force upon the American people comes from what he has learned in secular and public schools in foreign countries. We would like to know a little bit more or how much he cherishes Islam and a we want to meet all of the so called csars before they turn this country into what they alone believe would be in its best interest. We now understand his version of transparency. It is the manner in which he plans to destroy this country that he apparently holds in such low esteem. More, much more to come……………………….


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